Very Jenteresting #2: Actually Guilty Pleasures

A lot of people ask me what my musical guilty pleasures are. A lot of people ask me a lot of things, because I’m an interesting person, and people generally want to know about me (If anything, it’s getting to be a bit of a burden really. Fame – you want it till you’ve got it).

I used to say that I don’t believe in the concept of a “guilty pleasure”. The way I see it is – if you like something, you like it. If you happen to like something that’s regarded as dog shit by society at-large, then you’re better off just lying or only listening to Ed Sheeran when nobody’s home. Then I got to thinking (as I often do, due to being regarded as a modern day philosopher, some have said on-par with Socrates, Satre or Camus. I’d say I share more with Simone de Beauvoir, Aristotle or Derrida personally, but hey – I’ll take the comparisons) anyways, I got to thinking see, and I concluded after many hours of intensely focused musing that the only true guilty pleasures, are those songs written by artists who are guilty of actual, literal, genuine heinous crimes. People who despite having written songs of great toe tapping integrity, have also killed their wife or done a sex crime or something.

People will argue ad infinitum as to whether or not it is alright to listen to a disgraced artist’s music after discovering some dark, twisted truth about said artist – often subjecting those who do choose to still listen to Lostphrophets as being apologists, which really that’s stupid because Lostprophets shouldn’t be defined by one single member, cos there’s more than one person in Lostprophets and anyway, they probably could have kept going with a new singer, and anyway – you can’t deny that their first couple of albums had some catchy tunes on them, so just get off my back about Lostprophets, alright?

For this blog, I’ve decided to share with you some choice selections from an ongoing Playlist I have been curating entitled “Actual Guilty Pleasures” which I may or may not make fully public at some point in the future. Enjoy!

Look At Your Game Girl – Charles Manson

Charles Manson was a cult leader who is said to have inspired a series of horrific murders by-proxy. He’s got a Nazi Swastika tattooed onto his forehead, but by golly could the man write a catchy folk ditty.


Everyone’s Gone To The Moon – Jonathan King

Jonathan King was a British songwriter from that wacky time known as the sixties. He was sentenced for seven years in prison for child sex offences. Cute tune though!


Just Walking In The Rain – The Prisonaires 

The Prisonaires were a doo-wop group formed of a convicted rapist, a larcenist and a couple of murderers. And gee-whiz, is that a combination for some beautiful music.


Lostprohets – Fake Sound Of Progress

Listen right, just because ONE member of a band does something admittedly horrific, that isn’t to say it’s not still alright to listen to and enjoy their music. Anyway, I don’t even listen to the singing parts. I mean, I do – but I don’t enjoy them as much now and that counts for something doesn’t it? You’ve got to consider that there are other members of the band, and they wrote the music as well. Like, the guitar noises aren’t criminal are they? The drums don’t bang to rhythms of evil. The production isn’t sexually deviant. Is it okay to listen to an unofficial karaoke version of the song?

I don’t even like Lostprophets that much anyways. Get off my back about it, alright?



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