Annabel Orak’s Public Transport Podcast, and Sometimes Lifts #2 – William Stone

Hello, my name is Annabel Orak and this is the second episode of my podcast where I have interviewed the comedian William Stone.


My mum says that I need to pretend that I’m interested in what other people are interested in, so I’ve set up this podcast to ask different people what they’re interested in.

William is a comedian who does stand up in London and other places, but he said my bus related jokes were really good and that he might use them in his set (which I have given him permission to do) You can’t hear it on the podcast, cos he said it in private afterwards but he said that I had what it takes to do stand up too, and that I should give it a go.

We were going to get the number 1 bus, except William said it was alright to get the 49, which I shouldn’t have listened to because in the end the 49 was really noisy and it nearly completely ruined the podcast. Luckily I managed to salvage something from it.

We talk about X-Files and philosophy and ghosts and jokes.

William Stone on Twitter: @stonecomedian

William Stone runs a stand up comedy night in Brighton called Downstairs at the Dove, which you can look at here:

More about Annabel: @goneallwrong

SOUNDCLOUD: @goneallwrong




Also, you can listen to the first episode that I recorded with Tandy Houghton here:


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